The Marea collection is a tribute to the sky and the sea, to its aquatic colors, to the infinite and perpetual cycle in which we are all immersed.

The vibrant depth of the blue and the brilliance of the drops of yellow gold will act as a talisman even when turbulence is lurking.

The jewels, made up of 750 ‰ yellow gold threads and small sparkling hard gems, rest elegantly on the skin; wearing them brings back to the feeling of the sea breeze.

The MAREA collection was born in a stormy period to reach a cornerstone, which can protect the indispensable moments of quiet.


The GOCCIA ring, a thin 18kt yellow gold wire, is the extreme simplification of a shape that contains a small volume of liquid. “DROP” embraces the finger with a delicate touch that evokes the element of WATER in a simple but distinct way.

From the evolution of the GOCCIA ring, FARO is born, the similar ring embellished with a refined faceted hard stone, which stands out on the tip of the drop like a lighthouse, a nocturnal landmark that indicates the way in the middle of the blue night.

Comfortable and versatile, easy to combine, they give a touch of color and delicate shine to fingers.

The refined and elegant SALSEDINE necklace is full of faceted hard gems that are the masters, resting delicately on the body. The fine touch of the necklace refers to the sea water that remains on the skin after a dip in the sea.

A subtle round of small sparkling stones is interrupted in the center to make room for a precious drop-shaped platelet in 18kt yellow gold; the choker necklace is adjustable thanks to the two eyelets, with a teardrop profile, also in 750 ‰ yellow gold, designed to transform even a simple closure into a graceful detail to show off.

ONDA is the amulet bracelet that follows the wrist in its movements, like the mass of water that rises and falls on the shoreline. It brings luck and is the younger brother of the SALSEDINE necklace, reproducing its structure and characteristics.

The Marea collection is completed by various proposals for modular earrings and charms, in 18kt yellow gold and semi-precious stones.

BAIA and CALANCA are hoop earrings composed of a precious 18kt yellow gold wire, in two different diameters, in which you can insert and combine the intriguing and delicious charms: STILLA and BREZZA MARINA.

STILLA is a very pure mirror polished droplet in 18kt yellow gold which, inserted in BAIA or CALANCA, gives a touch of shining light to the face.

A very thin wire of 18kt yellow gold makes a shimmering small colored stone placed at its extreme swing in the gentle breath of the wind: it is BREZZA MARINA, a light golden rain.


The entire collection is developed by hand using classic goldsmith techniques, in 750 ‰ Yellow Gold and semi-precious stones.



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