The MINOU collection brings together the delicate gold chains and the sparkling light points characterized by an unusual rectangular shape, for an incredible “WOW EFFECT”

It will be like wearing light golden threads, which give you a fine but extremely chic touch!


The yellow gold, with its warm color, stands out, backed by the luminous stone. 

The diamond chain gives the jewels a brilliant character that vibrates on the skin and plays with the movements and the light

The stones, faceted and white as diamonds, sparkle without color pretensions, standing out on every type of complexion and matching perfectly every look.

A collection so classy it is paying tribute to the sweet elegance of the Aristocats.


Questo connubio delle diverse tecniche orafe si conclude con l’attenta rifinitura di ogni singola superficie sfaccettata del gioiello per poter raggiungere la resa a specchio.


The intriguing MATISSE and ROMEO rings leave you speechless! The main feature is that of being composed of a single mobile chain, which makes them flexible, unlike traditional rings.

The MATISSE ring is discreet but does not go unnoticed! A very comfortable 375 ‰ Yellow Gold thread runs on your fingers, creating a sparkling effect for a ring to wear and never take off!

ROMEO is a variation of the MATISSE ring. It is embellished with a white baguette cut zirconia, which adds further light to the shimmer of the chain.

Both rings are comfortable and versatile, easy to combine with each other and or with other jewels.

ADELINA and GUENDALINA are two different proposals of earrings. The inevitable subject is the stone, which is of a bigger size than to the ones  mounted on the other jewels of the collection.

ADELINA is a perfect light point characterized by an original shape: a stud with a rectangular setting. It is suitable for every-day use, but capable of giving extreme shine on your most important occasions.

GUENDALINA, just as Romeo, is the version 2.0 of Adelina earring. A long thread of 375 ‰ Yellow Gold chain hangs from the same stone. This creates a fascinating subtle but shining waterfall, which gently plays with the movements of the face, resting gently on the neck.

The DUCHESSA necklace is the queen of the light point choker. The light Minou chain, the absolute protagonist of all jewels in the collection, dangles the baguette-cut stone in the center of the necklace.

The white zirconia is embraced by its thin bezel, which wraps around its ends, letting the light pass through it as much as possible, so as to not miss even the thinnest ray of sunshine!

Completing the set , is the extravagant FROU-FROU bracelet. As the name suggests, the bracelet of this collection has a jaunty character, given by the swinging of the chain floating around the wrist.




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