Kypsèli, greek for beehive, is one of the most particular and interesting collections. This is not only due to the aestethics, which immediately clearly suggests the world of bees, but also to the creation process. This involves an uncommon use of wax in grafting the hives, called honeycomb, taken from nature to jewelry

Each jewel is entirely hand-crafted, modeling the comb foundation sheets to shape the entire parure of jewels. There are subsequently liquefied through an ancient goldworking technique called lost wax casting. This way, we create jewels that always different from each other and therefore truly unique, derived, every time, from a different piece of wax.

The comb foundation sheet is worked following the profile of its hexagonal cells that it is made, in order to maintain the clear reference to the charming world of these insects, incredibly essential to the biodiversity of our planet.

Kypsèli is not only a jewel to wear, but it also convey an ethical message. Once again, a lot of effort is dedicated to the never-ending research of materials that give the jewel, besides an interesting shape, a pulsing heart with a particular attention to ethic and sustainability.

It is not just a mere aesthetic exercise or a reproduction of a perfect shape, but rather an original use of the wax itself. This is transformed in unique jewels, entirely hand-crafted with a finishing touch which is intentionally rough and organic. The perfection of the hexagonal cells reflects the perfection of nature. Yet keeping a primitive look on the finish.

Kypsèli was born, almost spontaneously, in a hot summer evening while talking with a beekeeper about its fascinating job. Struck by the perfection of the comb foundation sheets, something switched in our brains. A familiar material, that is wax, soon would be perfectly merged to metal melting. After a phase or careful experimentation, tests and research about design, the first jewels were crafted.

The rings are conceived in two different models “contrariè”, that can be combined so to create new shapes and sculptures on your body. The earrings are designed in three models: small, for who wish to be discrete, hanging asymmetrically, for who like to dare with a really sculpted jewel. The necklace is made of an interplay between empty and full solids, due to the alternating of the chain with the hexagonal modules, almost suspended around the neck. The final closing piece is the bracelet, which gives elegances to whoever wears it.




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