The MUST-HAVE CosMonique collection Oh-Blò! Much more than a simple jewel, Oh-Blò collection is the extravagant basic line to match to your look, every day. Choose your colors!!

The Oh-Blò collection mean a lot to us because of the first Oh-Blò ring, which gave rise to the whole collection, was born almost as a for fun when we both gave a small ring to each other as a good-luck charm to make us inseparable in this adventure called CosMonique Gioelli. It is not for nothing that you can see find it in the brand!

The natural semi-precious stones are adorable, little 3mm cabochon, available in eight different colors: light blue, blue, green, yellow, fuchsia, orange, black and white. These small stones belong to the families of quartz, agate and freshwater pearls. Get ready to choose the color which most represent you and have fun while mixing them to create your favorite combination.

Each jewel is entirely hand-crafted with goldworking techniques and well-finished in each detail from start to finish. It is of vital importance to us that each jewel has its own “soul” and is truly unique and special, both for us and for who wears it.

With the Oh-Blò collection it is impossible to get bored. From time to time, we enjoy creating limited edition capsule collections to always propose you a new jewel, unique and original. You won’t get enough of it!


The Oh-Blò jewelry collection is entirely hand-crafted in precious metals (gold and silver). It stems from the desire of creating a line of jewels wearable every moment of your life, with a simple, but original, design.

The colors of the, rigorously natural, semi-precious stones break the circle’s thin line in each of the proposed jewels: rings, earrings, necklaces, thus giving a touch of originality, yet with extreme simplicity.

Ideal for every day, Oh-Blò jewels are perfect as gift for a special occasion.

Each jewel of the collection is inspired to the small ring, which can be shaped as an earring. There are three available variants, necklace with a decentralized small ring, inserted directly in the rolò chain, as well as in the lovely bracelet.

The entire collection is hand-crafted and designed in silver 925 and old 18kt. It is simple and versatile for everyday life, but also with the two contrasting metals, to emphasize the ring.

Pictures: Chiara Zoppei



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