The Still collection, as suggested by the name, immediately evokes solidity and personality. Each module is carved so to evoke the shapes of raw mineral assuming a precious aura, determined by a polished finish of the reflective facets in noble metals.

A collection of jewels with a strong personality, designed for those who love being noted with stye.

Through its design, the Still collection shows how it is possible to have an interplay of light refraction without using any multifaceted stone.
The entire collection is hand-crafted using techniques from traditional goldsmithing. The volumes are manually extracted from blocks of fusible wax and, successively, they are melted using the antique technique of lost wax melting. The silver line, constituting the stalk, is instead melted and
drawn entirely in metal. Concluding this union of different goldworking techniques, is a careful finishing of every single multifaceted surface of the jewel, so to reach the mirror-like effect.

Rings 110-170€

Earrings 140€

Rings 110€

Ring  170€

Collier  130€

Earrings  90-140€

Ring   195€


The three different modules are declined in a parure comprising three models of modular ring, with or without stones, two models of earrings and the majestic collier.

The rings, cheeky and imposing, are obtained from a unique volume, from which the circumference of the finger is obtained. They are designed to be matched and to create always new volumetric illusions depending on the combination.

Hence, thanks to the combination of the different elements, it is possible to always have a different jewel.

The rings come in four models, two thinners and two more imposing. On one of those, a small bronze semi-sphere, welded in balance on the crest of the small ring, stands above, holding semiprecious stones (agate and quartz, cabochon cut).

This constitutes the only element of the collection breaking the interplay of the still polyhedral volumes. Each ring is fully hand-crafted in silver 925. Hanging earrings and collier are instead supported by elegant rigid stems that follow
the rigorous geometries characteristic of the collection.

The collier, which is rigid itself, delicately lays down on the natural curves of the shapes of the neck making it a perfect tool for an elegant and stylish occasion. The earrings, simple but at the same time very bright, beautify your face with a shining touch, reflecting the light at each movement, even if no stone is used.

The entire collection is available in white gold, yellow gold and pink gold 18kt.

Pictures: Chiara Zoppei



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